University of Illinois System
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The Budget Request for Operating and Capital Funds contains requests for incremental operating funds and for new capital appropriations for the University of Illinois for the requested fiscal year. These operating and capital requests reflect the University’s highest priority budget needs, focusing on the University’s mission of instruction, research, public service and economic development. Following Board action, these requests will be submitted to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and State agencies for review.

The Budget Summary for Operations presents all University-level budget amounts by source of funds and object of expenditure.

The BSO executive summary is divided into two major sections. The section titled “University Revenue Budget” defines the sources of University operating revenue, details the budget by those revenue sources, and analyzes the change in revenue from the prior year. The section titled “University Expense Budget” defines and details the budget by expenditure category. Detailed campus budget schedules follow the executive summary and provide budget year and prior year revenue and expense information:

  • Schedule A: Details campus-level revenue by fund source (e.g., State, institutional, gift/endowment, etc.) and expense by fund type and function (e.g., instruction, research, student aid, etc.).

  • Schedule B: Provides budgeted expenditures by college-level organization in the following categories: State; Institutional; Self-Supporting; and Gifts, Grants and Contracts.

  • Schedule C: Lists budgeted expenditures by college-level organization and function (for budget year only).

  • Schedule D: Provides department-level detail of State and institutional fund budgeted expenditures and presents a more detailed breakdown of college-level restricted fund expenditures than is available in Schedule B.

Schedule A, Schedule B, and Schedule C are campus-level schedules (one of each per campus) whereas Schedule D is college-level and each campus has multiple Schedule Ds.
Three appendices follow the campus budget tables; the first provides critical dates in the budget process; the second provides a summary of the Board of Trustees requirement for prior Board approval of specified budgetary transactions, the delegation of authority for specified budgetary transactions, and the required Board reporting of budgetary activities; and the third provides a glossary of terms.