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Governance, Personnel, and Ethics

The responsibilities of this committee are to oversee the structure and functioning of the Board of Trustees and attend to matters involving its members, and to ensure a proper "tone at the top" including definition of and compliance with proper standards of ethical conduct for the board and University personnel.


Trustee Craig Schilling

Craig Schilling

Trustee Gutman

Gutman, chair

Trustee Holmes


Trustee Milhouse


Trustee Ruiz

Ruiz, vice chair

Meeting Schedule and Agenda List

The Governance, Personnel, and Ethics Committee meetings are held at 1:30 p.m. on the day before the Board of Trustees meeting at the same location, unless otherwise noted. The next meeting of this committee will be:

  • July 10, 2024

(The notice and schedule/agenda for this date are available if link is active.)

Please note: Per hotel management, the I-Hotel and Conference Center does not permit signs inside the facility. All bags will be subject to inspection.

The Board of Trustees meetings are open to the public, pursuant to Illinois state law and the Board’s own procedures. Attendees will not be permitted to knowingly interfere with or impede, through disruptions or other means, the Board’s performance of its institutional duties. Individuals who disrupt the meeting will be asked to leave. If the disruption continues following due notice to depart the meeting space, individuals will be removed from the premises. Individuals who disrupt the Board’s performance of its institutional duties or refuse to leave the meeting may be in violation of state laws, including but not limited to the Illinois Interference with a Public Institution of Education Act.

For a list of upcoming meetings, please visit the Board and committee schedule.

Material Considered During Past Meetings

Approved Minutes of the Committee