University of Illinois System
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Within the limits fixed by the constitution of the State of Illinois, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees exercises final authority over the University.

Three documents provide guidance to University and Board policy and practice:

  • The Board approves modifications to the Statutes, which cover such areas as University administration, campus governance, organizational structure, academic freedom and tenure, research and publications, libraries, administrative staffing, student affairs, and discipline.
  • The Board also approves The General Rules Concerning University Organization and Procedure related to the organization of the University. Among the topics covered in The General Rules are the institution’s business organization, intellectual property, and terms of employment. The General Rules also address the secretary's authority surrounding use of the seal of the University.
  • In addition, the Bylaws of the Board inform Board members and others about processes to facilitate orderly and effective meetings while conducting the business of the Board.

The University’s nondiscrimination statement, ethics policies, and equal opportunity information reflect State and federal law as well as the University and Board commitments to equal opportunity, affirmative action, and diversity.