University of Illinois System

Distinguished Service Medallion XXXX


1922 graduate. Served Beatrice Foods Company for 40 years, 24 as chief executive officer. Served the University as a trustee, advisor, fund raiser and president of the University of Illinois Foundation. He was awarded the Medallion at the Foundation meeting in October 1982.


Board of Trustees Minutes
March 18, 1982


In 1973 the Trustees' Distinguished Service Medallion was created to recognize those individuals whose contributions to the growth and development of the University of Illinois, through extraordinary service or significant benefaction, have been of unusual significance.

The Distinguished Service Medallion Award Committee, consisting of those listed below, now recommends as the recipient of the Trustees' Distinguished Service Medallion for 1982, the following individual:

WILLIAM G. KARNES. A graduate of the University in 1922, he began work at Beatrice Foods Company in 1936 and was its chief executive officer from 1952 until he retired in 1976. He has served as a director of several other corporations and as a member of numerous professional, civic, and charitable associations. His many contributions to the University include service as a member of the Board of Trustees; chairman of the advisory committee of the College of Commerce and Business Administration, Urbana; member of the President's Club; chairman of the Golden Anniversary fund; and president of the University of Illinois Foundation. In 1965 he was the recipient of an Alumni Achievement award.

The committee further recommends that the presentation of the award be made during the annual meeting of the University of Illinois Foundation on October 8 and 9, 1982.

Presented by the Committee for the Trustees' Distinguished Service Medallion Award

George W. Howard III, chairman
Paul Stone, ex officio
William D. Forsyth, Jr.
Ralph C. Hahn
Earl L. Neal

On motion of Mr. Howard, this recommendation was approved.