Trustee Mwilambwe

Mariama Mwilambwe

Urbana-Champaign university

Mariama Mwilambwe, from Bloomington, Illinois, is a junior studying political science and global studies. Currently Ms. Mwilambwe interns with the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center as well as the Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs as a Wolff Intern. On campus she writes for the Undergraduate Law Review and has served as a member of the Illinois Student Government, resident adviser, and member of the subcommittee on student conduct.

Ms. Mwilambwe ran for student trustee with the intention of reconnecting students to university services, increasing campus wide civic engagement, and streamlining information to increase student participation in policy decisions. She views the student trustee role as a service position fulfilling a fiduciary duty to the University System and a representative duty to its student constituency