University of Illinois System

Sanchita Teeka

Urbana university

Ms. Sanchita Teeka, of Palatine, Illinois, is a junior pursuing a dual degree in Finance and Psychology, on a Pre-Law track. Throughout her time at the University of Illinois she has served in the Illinois Student Government, working for positive change on campus. She has also served on several University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Senate committees, voicing student concerns. Additionally, she has lobbied for higher education funding, increased federal Pell Grants and research funding for the System.

Ms. Teeka aims to serve on the Board with the utmost transparency, honesty, and integrity. As student trustee, she advocates for enhanced safety measures for students, affordable education, and food security for all students. She is honored to have been elected to this role and is excited to help the student body experience change.














Trustee Teeka